Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why is Pandora/YouTube/My Blog getting blocked at PPS? How can I fix it?

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As many of you are finding out, we switched to a new Lightspeed web filter this summer.  As with any web filter, it will take a while for the new filtering system to learn what sites are okay for PPS and what needs to be filtered.  Because of this, there are bound to be sites that are not working as expected.

In regard to staff web access - if you are a staff member and are having trouble getting access to a web site or service you had access to before, follow the instructions below.  If you, as a staff member, are trying to use YouTube and are "trapped" in YouTube EDU, it means the web filter doesn't know who you are and you need to try these steps first:
  • Go to
  • If Pandora is blocked, there will be a link on the block page to provide login credentials. 
  • Click this link. and login with your portage username (NOT your full email) and password. This should resolve most of your filtering issues.
If Pandora was not blocked, the original site you were trying to gain access to is truly blocked. If you are certain the site should be allowed, you should follow the instructions on the block page to report the site.
  • Go to the website you wish to have access to.
  • Click the Submit for Review button.
  • Fill in your portage email and the reason the site needs to be unblocked.
  • It will take about 24-48 hours before you have access.  You will receive a help desk notice when the site has been reviewed.

Questions? Let us know! or x5102