Friday, September 19, 2014

Secondary Gradebook Calculating E's or 0%

Secondary Teachers,

Are you having having difficulty with your gradebook calculating E's for all your students?

This tip discusses...

  • How to Configure Categories
  • 0% Weighted Categories
  • No Count Assignments

Configure Categories

Prior to entering assignments, it is good practice to configure your categories in each of your gradebooks; however, categories may be changed at any time prior to the end of the first marking period. (It is recommended that you inform students, parents, and administration of how you intend to make use of categories in each of your classes.)

Here is a video that describes the process for configuring categories.

Zero Percent (0%) Weighted Categories

Should you choose to use a 0% weighted category for recording pre-tests and the like without impacting the overall grade, know that if you use only that 0% category for all your assignments, all students scores will be listed as having a 0% (E) for the class. This only occurs if you have not yet added and scored an assignment in a category with a non-zero weight. As soon as you do, the categories and scores will calculate out as they should.

No Count Assignments

There is a category in the gradebook titled 'Not Graded-No Count'. You can add this category to your class and set it's weight to 0. Once added, any assignment you enter inside this category will not count towards a student's overall grade.

You may also do this when scoring an assignment by using the 'Mass Assign Options' widget on the right hand side of the screen. Choose the 'Set All to No Count' choice and then click apply.

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