Friday, September 5, 2014

Skyward Tech Tip: Sending an Email to parents from Skyward

Are you looking for an easy way to send emails to all your parents/students?  Thanks to the Skyward message center you can easily set emails to all the parent/student emails we have on file for your class(es).

Step 1: Log in to Skyward and click on the blue book for the class you want to send the email to.
Elementary teachers, I would always pick the same class (ex: Mathematics).

Step 2: Go to the Other Access menu at the top left.  Select Message Center.

Step 3: If you are an Elementary Teacher you will want to select "Add Message for Current Class".  If you are a Secondary Teacher, you can choose to send your message to multiple classes by choosing, "Add Message to Multiple Classes" or you can send to just the current selected class with "Add Message for Current Class".

Step 4: Give your message a Subject by typing in the Message Summary box.

Step 5: Write the body of your email in the Message Detail box.

Step 6: Click Attach to add attachments from your computer.

Step 7: If you want to post the message to the parent portal and the student portal, check the boxes under "Posting Options"

Step 8: If you want to email the message check "Send as Email" under Emailing Options.  Choose the day and time you wish to send the email.

Step 9: Choose who you want to send the email to "Email to Students" and/or "Email to Guardians".  If you don't check any of the boxes below the Email to Guardian, then the message will be sent to ALL guardians we have on record.

Step 10: If you do NOT want the subject and the period to display at the top of the email, uncheck "Display Additional details in the Email Body.

Step 11: You can choose to send the message/email to all your students/families, or you can select the ones you want from the "Select students to receive the message" box.

Step 12: Once you have made all your selections, Click Save at the top right.  SAVE means SEND!!!!!!

NOTES: At this time when you send an email this way it does not appear in your GMail inbox, only the message center in Skyward, however, the parents do get the Email.

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