Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TECH TIP #17–Video Only in YouTube

***This tech tip comes to us from www.internet4classrooms.com

Tech Tip: Hide YouTube Spam 
Do you use YouTube videos for education and lessons? Do you notice all the spam and links around the page of your video? You can remove them!

1.       Go to the top URL address bar in your browser window.
2.       Highlight the section that reads "watch?v=" in the video link.
3.       Type the following in its place: /embed/ and hit ENTER. Only your video will appear.

Try it out!

Welcome to the PPS Tech Training and Integration Blog

Hello PPS Staff,
As I was talking with some teachers last night at Grade Group about setting up a blog for their classroom to communicate with parents, I had an epiphany.  I could create a blog for tech training and integration.  I could post tech tips and other links to ways people are using technology in their classrooms.  I know people tend to get sick of receiving hundreds of emails a day, so a blog would let me share information that you could access on your own time when you need it.

I hope this will be a useful tool for us here at PPS!