Monday, January 18, 2016

Google Drive: Narrowing Down your Search

As stated in my post on "Starring" Google Drive files, finding files in Google Drive can be really tricky sometimes.  Thankfully you have several tools in your toolbox to make it easier.  One of those tools is the Power of Google Search embedded in Google Drive.

At the top of the Google Drive window, you will see a box that says "Search Drive".  From here you can search for the file you are looking for, but in order to get the best search results possible, it helps to narrow down your choices.

You can select PDFs, Text Docs, Spreadsheets, Photos & Images, Presentation, Videos, and more.  If you need to get even more specific, you can click More search tools and a whole new option of tools will pop up.  You can search for file type, Date Modified, Item Name, Has the Words, Owner, Shared with, and Located in.  This will really help you narrow your search.
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