Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Google Classroom: Attach Google Forms

It is no surprise that I love Google Classroom and Google Forms.  These are two of my favorite tools thanks to all they wonderful educational uses.

Google forms are a great way to collect information from students.  Whether I need them to respond to a survey, take a quiz, or collect data, this is usually my go-to tool.  Traditionally if I needed my students to use a form I would share it with them via an email to their school account, or I would give them a shortened URL to type into their address bar.  Last year, when I began to use Google Classroom, it became even easier to have my students use google forms for quick formative assessments or to collect responses about their learning.  I could insert the link to the form right in an assignment in Google Classroom.  Once they took the survey/quiz, I would then have them go back into classroom and mark it as "done."  This was a bit cumbersome,  but it helped me to quickly see who was done and who was still working.

This whole process just got even easier!!!  Now when you attach a Google Form to a Google Classroom assignment using the Google Drive link, it will automatically mark the assignment as "done" when the student clicks the submit button on the form.  It is a beautiful thing!  Check it out...

Step 1: Create your assignment
Step 2: Attach the form you wish your students to complete
Step 3: Click Assign (or Save as draft if you want to assign it at a later time)

Step 4: Have students fill in the form by clicking on the link in the assignment in Google Classroom.
Step 5: As soon as students hit the "Submit" button on the form, it marks the assignment for that student as "done".
Step 6: Click the "View responses in Sheets" link on your Google Classroom assignment to see the students responses.

LOVE IT!  This was so easy, my third graders had no problem at all completing their forms and turning in their assignments.

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