Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Skyward Tech Tip: Adjusting Third Quarter Grades

PPS 6-12 Instructional Staff:

As quarter 3 comes to a close, I wanted to remind you of the procedure for adjusting or overriding a gradebook calculated grade at the quarter level.

To begin the process, first click on the 'Quarter 3' column header options button and choose the 'Enter Term Q3 Grade Adjustments'...

If you need to enter in an I or NC or other special code, click the drop down list widget in Override column for a student, and choose the code from the list as shown below.

If you need to change the letter grade a student is receiving, either enter a new letter grade in the Grade column OR enter in a percent adjustment as shown below.  (note that the gradebook will calculate the other)

Regardless, NEVER choose a letter grade from the drop down menu - if you want a new letter grade, you must create it by altering the percent as shown above.  If you choose one of the letter grades (note they start with a period), the gradebook will not be able to correctly calculate the semester grade.

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