Friday, April 17, 2015

Learning Together at MACUL: The Tech Director's Perspective

One of the main reasons that I can do what I do in my position as Technology Integration Specialist for Portage Public Schools is thanks to having an amazing Tech Director for my supervisor.  Dan Vomastek is very supportive of what we do to enhance learning in the classroom, and as a former high school math teacher, he understands that the whole reason we exist as a technology department is to support the teachers and the students on their learning journey.  Dan even jumped on the band-wagon and volunteered to share his perspective on the MACUL conference from the Tech Directors point-of-view.  Here is Dan's post:
First and foremost, I'm thrilled to be a part of the transformation in teaching and learning occurring in Portage.  We have hit critical mass with the number of talented, motivated, creative, and resourceful staff getting behind the research-backed, blended learning movement.  They approached this conference with enthusiasm, and continue to press forward.   My big fear is not being able to source the remaining student devices we need to keep this movement progressing forward.   
I also take, what I hope is not too much pride in, going from session to session listening to the new things other districts are doing only to think, 'yeah, we've been doing that for a while'.   Portage is definitely on the right track.   
Finally, I was able to use the time to brainstorm with other administrators on ways to help us be better users (and thus models) of technology for our staffs.  We, with other key players, hatched an idea for a new PD course for our administrators.  Our hope is to show them how blending learning can be used to facilitate staff meetings, their PLC's, and overall school improvement planning.  There is a significant amount of excitement brewing out there for this project - we need to capitalize on this now!
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