Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Google Docs just got better! Google Docs introduces Add ons.

I will be the first to admit that, despite the fact that I use Google Docs every day, it isn't the most full featured piece of software I have ever used.  There are many times when I would like to insert a graphic organizer in a Doc, or use a spreadsheet to easily create a mail merge.  Well, Google is changing things up and has introduced the Add-Ons menu to Google Docs and the New Google Sheets.  This new menu allows you to select certain tools that you want to use with your Google Docs.  Here is a brief introductory video:
In addition to the Add-ons listed in the video above, LucidChart has also been integrated into the add-on gallery.  LucidChart allows you to create mind-maps and other graphic organizers.  I love this tool and have used with with students as young as second grade.  What I am really excited about is that I now can have my students insert their graphic organizer right into their Google document they are sharing with me.  I can then not only access the final product, but I can see the planning that went in to the paper as well!  Check out this cool tool in this video:

I would love to learn the ways you are using the new Add-ons in your Google Docs with your students.  Feel free to comment to share!


  1. Oh, when they add mail. Merge, I will be thrilled. Good to see that there are updates to docs.

    1. Check out the Merge by Mail Chimp Add on and see if that would do the mail merge you are looking for.

  2. Thanks...good to know as Mike mentioned that there are updates to docs and spreadsheets!

  3. About time doc have been updated for more features! Thanks for sharing.