Monday, March 31, 2014

Dr. Lodge Does Science and the Solor System.

Lodge McCammon is a professor whose interests lie in engaging students through technology, video, movement and music.

He has been slowly creating songs depicting the important events in states' histories. He now has a series on the Solar System, including a song, lectures and kinesthetic  movements for the song. The kinesthetic motions follow the lyrics and meaning behind each song helping students to remember and engage with the words. The video below shows students performing the Natural Satellites (Solar System) song.

Here is one of his lecture videos that accompany the songs.  In the lectures he explains the science sung about in each verse of the song.

This is definitely a YouTube channel I recommend you watch and subscribe too. I see many more engaging videos coming our way.

All the Natural Satellites (Solar System) videos have been added to our YouTubeEDU account here at PPS, so feel free to point your students to Dr. Lodge and have them check him out!

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