Monday, November 25, 2013

PD Opportunity: Blended Learning in the Classroom

Are you looking to increase student engagement in your classroom? Do you want to effectively blend within your classroom to incorporate online elements? This free Blended Learning in the Classroom course is for all types of educators - administrators, teachers of all subjects, teachers of all levels!

Participate in this FREE 16 week opportunity to begin transforming your classroom (*optional: 61 SCECHs for a minimal fee)

As a participant, you will engage with a learning cohort in a blended course and begin developing your own blended learning environment to implement with your students.

Participants will:
• Experience active and timely practice
• Learn with a small cohort of fellow educators
• Engage in learning, application, review, and revision
• Develop blended lessons in your existing classroom
• Submit artifacts to your cohort for sharing and improving

Q: Who is this course for? 
A: Any Michigan Educator

Q: How does this course meet? 
A: Most activities will be completed online; there will be one face-to-face session with your instructors, and multiple virtual meetings throughout the course.  Please note: You will complete introductory activities online prior to the face-to-face with your instructor.

Q: How large are the cohorts? 
A: Each offering is limited to the first 20 registrants.

Q: When does the course run? 
A: The course begins online January 22 and ends May 9.

Q: Where is the face-to-face offered? 
A: Check out the face-to-face session choices at:

Q: How do I register? 
A: Registration is available at:

Q: How much work will be required? 
A: Participants will be expected to spend 4-5 online hours each week in order to be successful in the course, where artifacts will be submitted weekly. Additional time will be expected each week for implementation into/practice with your own class.

Q: What concepts will be covered? 
A: Modules include pedagogy of blended learning, building community, online learning & accessibility, online assessment & evaluation, policies & preparation.

Q: Is this a self-paced course? 
A: The course is NOT self-paced. Based on best practice identified by research, it is scaffolded within modules (units). There is some flexibility of when you complete items in each unit, but all work must be submitted in a timely manner.