Monday, October 17, 2016

Digital Citizenship Week 2016 - Day 1

It is that time of year again, to bring awareness to the importance of teaching positive Digital Citizenship to our students, families and the community at large.  Digital Citizenship is one of those topics that everyone knows they need to teach, but no one knows how or when they can fit it in.  This week we will be sharing some great resources for teaching digital citizenship in order to keep all our students safe and foster common expectations.

The first resource on the list is my absolute favorite resource when it comes to Digital Citizenship: Common Sense Media!

Common Sense is a wonderful resource for both families and educators.  It contains a complete K-12 scope and sequence for digital citizenship lessons, as well as app reviews, movie reviews, lesson plans, videos, 1-1 resources, and much more!

Check out these great free lesson plans from the scope and sequence today to see how you can take 20 minutes to change the perspective of your students and help keep them safe in their online world.

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