Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Learning Together at #MACUL16: Tech in the Classroom - It's Elementary!

When we talk about blended learning, many elementary teachers believe we are referring to something that can only be done at the middle and high schools.  This, however, is not the case.  Whether you are hosting a discussion in Google classroom or administering formative assessments on the fly, blending is for everyone, K-12!  Our next guest blogger, Todd Heerlyn - Third grade teacher at Moorsbridge, shares some of the wonderful elementary resources he discovered at MACUL.

MACUL was a really good experience! I was completely amazed at what was out there in the world of technology. There are so many opportunities to use technology in any subject in the classroom. I'm really excited and completely overwhelmed to go back to the classroom and start using some of the things that I picked up there.  
I started to learn more about the online formative assessment tools (kahoot, quizizz.com, socrative.com, Google Forms, etc.).  I'm hoping to utilize more of this in my classroom in the next few weeks.    
One session that I really liked was an elementary school teacher sharing all her tech ideas that she uses in her classroom. There was so much that she was doing with technology, it was completely overwhelming.  But she did a great job reassuring everyone that this took her years to put together, doing one thing at a time.  If you'd like the list, please let me know. 
I've been able to work with Google Classroom, having the students use the Q and A feature successfully.  
Overall, it was a great experience! I was very thankful to have the chance to attend. Thank you again to the tech department for all their help and support!  ~Todd Heerlyn -3rd Grade, Moorsbridge.

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