Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Copiers: Locked Print Jobs

There are many reasons why it is important to use locked print jobs.  Maybe you are printing something that has confidential student information on it, or perhaps you don't want your copies getting mixed in with someone else's, or perhaps you have trouble with the copy fairy walking away with your copies before you get a chance to get them from the copier.  Whether it is for these reasons, or many others you are probably wondering, "How do I do a locked print job on the new copiers?"

Locking a print job is very easy with the new copiers.  You just have to make sure you are printing to the "correct" printer.  Let me explain...

The way to do lock jobs now is to print to the FindMe printer for your building.  This will allow you to walk up any of the copiers, put in your code and print your job.  Here is how to set it up.

Add the Find Me Printer

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer
Step 2: Type \\ppspc in the address bar
Step 3: Scroll down until you see the three letter code for your building (ex: AMB, CMS, NHS, etc)
Step 4: Right click BLDFindMe where BLD is your building code.  Choose connect.

Printing a Locked Job

Step 1: Click Print for your document.
Step 2: Choose the Find Me Printer.
Step 3: When the Papercut window pops up, select Print.
Step 4: Walk to one of the copiers and put in your copier code.
Step 5: Choose Select Job
Step 6: Choose the job(s) you want to print.  Click Print or Print All.

Grab your copies and go!

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