Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Students Presenting on the TEC? Use the Incognito Window!

We love student created content! Creating materials to teach others can, when done well, really impact a student's learning. However, no matter the positive outcomes of students teaching students, when it comes to presentation day, getting students logged into and out of Google Chrome can be tedious and time consuming. Ugh.

Well, here's a tech tip that might just speed up students getting access to their Google Drive presentations (or any other files associated to their Portage accounts).

Google Chrome's Incognito Window

Chrome's Incognito Window allows another user to quickly login to and out of Google Services without disrupting your profile on Chrome.

Either use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Shift+N from Chrome or click on the Chrome menu button and choose "New Incognito Window"

Then type in or go to "gmail.com", "drive.google.com", or whichever Google Service you wish and login to that service.

When students are done presenting, simply close all the Incognito Windows and their login and browsing information are gone from that computer. Yay! No more student profiles clogging up your teaching computers!

Now, just in case someone asks, it's good to know...

...when we hear "Incognito" we may think "secret" or that we might be getting away with something. However, as we can see in this note from Google...
Important: Neither Incognito mode nor Guest mode makes you invisible on the web. Websites you visit, your employer, or your service provider can still see your browsing activity.
...you and your students are still responsible for the good, responsible choices that should be made when browsing the web.

Happy Safe Browsing!

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