Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Google + Pictures Moving to Google Drive...Hurray!

Displaying I have been a Picasa user for years.  I love the ease of use and the way it allowed me to share pictures with my family, friends, and as a teacher - the parents of my students.  A couple years ago, however, Google moved their photo storing service to Google+.  I did not appreciate this change because it made something that was easy and seamless for me to become a lot more cumbersome.  I still have some teachers in my district who use this feature, and I help them whenever possible, but my love of the tool has waned.

This is why I was so excited to read in my email today that Google is moving Google + Pictures to Google Drive!  Most of the teachers in my district are becoming comfortable with using and navigating Google Drive.  Having a folder labeled "Google Photos" will increase their ability to share photos via their Google Sites and Google Blogger.

So, PPS Staff, according to the Google release notes:

"This feature will start rolling out for consumers today in Drive for Android, iOS and the web, and will roll out gradually to Apps customers in the coming weeks. A notification in Drive will give people the option to add a Google Photos folder to My Drive, allowing them to manage their photos and videos alongside other types of files if they so choose. Existing Google+ Photos users will notice their photos and videos available in Drive in the coming weeks."

If you get a notice asking you to add a Google Photos folder to My Drive, make sure you "Allow"!

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