Thursday, January 22, 2015

Skyward Gradebook, Secondary, Show All Classes

It's getting to be that next semester and you know you have classes you are suppose to teach, but you cannot find them in your gradebook anywhere, what's with that!?

Well, it's possible that you are only looking at your "Current Term" classes and not "All Classes". There are two places you may want to be able to view these courses.

Location #1:  Teacher Quick Access Widget

This teacher has a 2nd semester course that does not show up on her Quick Access widget.

Hover over the curved arrow icon, which causes your widget menu to appear

Click on the downward facing triangle icon (wedgie).

This opens your widget options (below)


Check the classes you wish to see. In this case, click on the class in term 3-4.

Click Save

When you return to your homescreen you will see your updated Teacher Quick Access Widget as does the teacher in this example.

Location #2: Teacher Access

From the home screen in Skyward, click Teacher Access at the top left.

Choose "My Gradebook"

The gradebook for this teacher shows only the current classes on his roster. Notice the terms are either 1-4 or 1-2, but there are no 3-4 courses.

Click on "Show All Classes"

Now, you will see that this teacher does, in fact, have another 2nd period class for the Q3 and Q4 terms.

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