Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tech Tip: Sending Files as PDFs

Tech Tip - PDF vs. DOCX

When emailing or posting documents to websites:
  • If you are trying to reach a broad audience as well as a mobile audience, then consider sharing your documents as PDF and not docx (MS Word).
  • If you are trying to provide a project document that your students can open and edit, then consider docx or Google Docs.
  • To being creating your own PDFs, please see this document.
The Case for PDF:

1. PDF files (read by Adobe Reader) are able to be read on every operating system (windows, apple, etc.)
2. PDF files can be read on every device (computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.)
3. PDF files maintain your intended formatting (fonts, spacing, images, etc.)
4. PDF files cannot be edited by the viewer

When sending out newsletters or other information that are meant to be consumed by the recipient, a PDF file is the perfect choice because you never have to worry about whether or not it can be read.

The Case for DOCX (Word):

1. DOCX files must be read using Microsoft Word. (Not everyone has access to Word or your version of Word.)
2. DOCX files require special (usually costly) programs to be read/edited on cell phones.
3. DOXC files may not be viewed as intended due to font or spacing issues from one OS to another.

When recipients are required to edit or add information to a document then a DOCX file might be the way to go.


PDF FILES!! Most of the information we share is intended for consumption. PDFs are perfect for that purpose.

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