Monday, October 20, 2014

Skyward: Secondary Marking Period End

Entering Comments and Citizenship

It’s that time of year… It’s the end of the marking period and time to shore up your gradebooks.

In this tech tip we are discussing…
  • Citizenship
  • Entering Comments


Perhaps you have seen the column at the right in your gradebooks. You are looking at the column used to enter a student’s Citizenship mark (C1). Below you will find the steps necessary to enter a student’s citizenship mark.

  1. Click anywhere in the C1 column
  2. In the screen that appears 
    1. There is an option for Mass Assigning
    2. Individual Marks
    3. Viewing the mark table
  3. To the right, see the citizenship marks and the description of each.

Entering Comments

Now, let’s work on entering our marking period comments for the report card. From within a selected gradebook, next to the “Reports” menu, find and hover over the “Posting” menu. From that list choose “Post Comments” as shown to the right.

On the screen that appears, locate the quarter for which you intend to enter comments and click the “Post Comments” link on the right.

On the Comment Entry screen, you will find a list of all your students. You have the option to enter up to three comments for each student. If you need a refresher on what each comment code means, you may click on view comment codes to the left or refer to the last image in this document.

You may bulk enter comments by choosing from the drop-down list at the top of the column (recommended). Or comment codes can be entered individually, one at a time.

Make sure to finalize comments by clicking “Save” at the upper-right prior to exiting the Comment Entry Screen.

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