Thursday, October 11, 2012

K1 is for Young Fives, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Only!


Many of you have probably used a generic log in account at some point in time or another. These accounts include the K1 account, the (BLD)Generic accounts, and the sub accounts. These accounts were created for very specific purposes. The K1 accounts are for Young Fivers, Kindergartners and First Grade students to use until they are trained to use their own student account.

The reason they are called “Generic” is because they are not assigned to a specific person. Since they are not assigned to a specific person, there can be no accountability for misuse on this account. This is a big problem when we have students who have lost their network privileges but are still using the network through these generic accounts. If a child has lost their network privileges, there IS a reason. These accounts are also not secure because a lot of people have the password to them, so when we have issues with the account, we are unable to track where the problem is originating.

If you are NOT a Young Fives, Kindergarten, or First Grade teacher, your students should NOT be using the K1 account!!! If you do have a child using the generic K1 account as it was intended, please make sure to log off the account as soon as they are finished.

We will be changing the K1 account on a regular basis to help reduce the misuse of this account. If you are a Y5, K or 1st grade teacher you will be notified of the changes and when the changes occur.
Student accounts are much different from generic accounts. These are issued to individual students. They have restrictions placed on them to keep the students safe while on the school network. We can easily track what a student is doing on their individual account. If a problem arises, we have an idea of where we need to go to fix the problem. Student accounts have much less access than teacher accounts. Do not let students use your teacher login! Doing so is not only a serious security risk, but it is also in direct violation of your PPS user agreement.

Students’ usernames are: firstname.lastname

Students’ passwords are a unique five digit number or alpha/numeric codes. Please help your students to learn their passwords as soon as possible, and keep them safe by not storing or displaying them in public places around the school.

Remember it is always safest for everyone to use the accounts assigned to them. We want to keep the kids safe, your U:drive safe, and our network safe from harm.