Friday, August 28, 2015

Copiers: Adding New Copiers to your Computer

As you start making your way back into the building, you will be greeting with the wonderful sight of new copiers and printers.  Along with these new copiers and printers we also have a new software called PaperCut that handles the accounting end for the copies.  Over the next couple weeks, we will be sharing tips and tricks for the new copiers.  To get you all started, here is how to add the new printers to your computers in your classroom so you can print the materials needed for the first week of class, as well as delete out the old print drivers you no longer need (anything with \\ppsprint.)

Adding new printers
Deleting old printers

Skyward: Adding Classes to Teacher Quick Access on the Teacher Dashboard

Welcome back!  It is time to get another school year underway.  

As you login to Skyward for the first time this school year, you will probably notice that you need to once again set up your teacher quick access so that you can view the blue gradebooks and yellow attendance bells on your dashboard main screen.  Here is how you accomplish that task.

Teacher Quick Access Box

You will also see a box labeled “Teacher Quick Access”. In this box, click on the line that says “Click here to select classes to display for quick access”.

From the window that opens, you can select to take your attendance by name or by seating chart. You will also want to select the “Let me select from all my classes” button. Put check marks in front of all the classes you wish to display. Click Save when finished.

NOTE: Elementary teachers will want to select all. Secondary teachers - If you have semester classes, you can choose to only show the semester you want to see.

You will now see, in your Teacher Quick Access window your classes you selected. You will also notice blue books and yellow bells. The bells are for attendance. The books are for the gradebook for that course.
NOTE: Elementary will only have two bells for AM (Prd 1) and PM (Prd 2) Homeroom. Secondary teachers will have books and bells for each class.