Friday, October 24, 2014

Digital Citizenship Week: Let's keep the learning going!

Well, today marks the end of Digital Citizenship Week 2014.  I hope you all learned a lot about what you can do as educators to foster digital citizenship in your students.  Technology is an amazing tool, but as educators we know it isn't the technology that teaches the students, it is the teachers.  We need to foster digital literacy skills in our students so that they can use the tool in a manner that is safe and enhances their education.

Below is a list of some great resources, curated by Edutopia, that you may want to check out in regards to Digital Citizenship.

To read a description of these resources head to

Remember, digital citizenship is not just a once a year activity.  It is a skill that we need to nurture each day in our students.  With teachers as their amazing guides and mentors, our students are off to a great start.

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