Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skyward Tech Tip: Printing a Class List Grid

Good Morning PPS Staff! One of the most common requests I have been getting this week is "How do I print a class list in Skyward with a blank grid?"  Good news!  This is really easy to do.

Step 1: Login to Skyward and open the grade book for the class you want to print.
Step 2: Go to reports at the top of the page and click on Grade Sheet Reports

Step 3: Select Current Term;Blank Grade Sheet; Font __
Step 4: Click Print.  This will open a print preview screen.

Step 5: When your report is done processing it will show Completed.  Then a window will pop up asking if you would like to display the report.  Click Display Report.

Step 6: A PDF preview will open.  From here you can choose to save or print.  You do this by placing your curser in the bottom right corner of the screen and clicking on the picture of the disc (save) or the printer (print).

Step 7: From here you will use the save and print screens just like you always do.

Questions?  Email the help desk at or call x5102.