Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Publisher: Saving files as PDFs so everyone can open it

Do you create your newsletters in Publisher?  This is a great tool for creating newsletters, but unfortunately many of our parents do not have access to MS Publisher and therefore cannot view our awesome newsletters.

An easy solution to this problem is to save your Publisher files as PDFs.  This allows anyone who receives your document the ability to open it, regardless of the device they are using.  This is a big deal.  Last year, my husband received my son's first kindergarten newsletter on his phone.  Unfortunately it was in .pub format and he was unable to open it.  The following week the teacher sent it as a PDF and he was a happy daddy because he could now access and read the newsletter no matter where he was located.

After you create your document and save it normally, go to the File menu again and click on Save As.
In the window that opens, change the file type to PDF.  Click Save.
ALL DONE!  Really, that's it.

It gets better...
This works for word, powerpoint, and other Microsoft Office 2010 products!