Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Google Mail: Formatting an Email and Attaching Documents

Have you wondered lately how to format the emails you are composing?  How about attaching a document to your email?  In Outlook, the formatting options were at the top.  In Google Mail, the formatting and attaching options are located at the bottom of the compose window.

Let's start with formatting...
To begin, open a new message, or reply to a message.
To open the formatting tool box, click on the "A" next to the send button in the bottom left corner.
Here you will find many useful tools, like:

  • Fonts (there are 11 fonts to choose from)
  • Text size (small, normal, large, or huge)
  • Font color and highlighting/background color
  • Alignment (left, center or right)
  • Numbering and Bulleting
  • Increase or Decrease indent
  • And my personal favorite = Tx which removes formatting from text you have copied.

Next up, attaching items to your emails...
Also in the Send bar line you will see a paper clip and a plus sign.  Hovering over the plus sign will open up several attachment options.  To add the item, simply click on the icon.  Let's take a look at what is available.

  • Paperclip: Attach documents from your computer/U: drive/ etc.  Great for any documents or pictures you have saved on your computer.
  • Google Drive Triangle: Use for attaching documents you have saved in your Google drive.  Make sure the documents sharing settings are adjusted appropriately otherwise the receiver will not be able to view the document.
  • Camera: Attach a picture from your computer or a website.
  • Chain link: Attach a link to a website or email
  • Smiley face: Attach emoticons (ex: smileys, frowns, little pictures, etc.)
  • Box w/ a 31: Insert a calendar invitation 

Now you can make your emails express your personality and attach important files.