Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PowerPoint: How to Annotate your Slides during a Presentation

Have you ever wanted to annotate right on a PowerPoint slide while you were giving a presentation?  Need to call attention to a particular part of your slide?  Good News!  You are only a click away from being able to do this in PowerPoint 2010.

Choosing Your Pen

While playing your presentation/slide show...
Step 1: Right click on your slide.
Step 2: Select Pointer Options

Step 3: Select Pen or Highlighter
Step 4: You can also change the color of your ink from this same menu

To Keep or Discard Annotations

When you exit your presentation, it will ask you if you want to Keep or Discard your ink annotations.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are also some keyboard shortcuts you can use to access your pens during a presentation.

  • ctrl+p during a presentation will turn your pen on
  • ctrl+a during a presentation will turn your mouse back in to an arrow

Turn Annotations On or Off

You can also choose to turn your saved annotations on or off.  While in the normal view of PowerPoint, click on the Review tab and select "Show Markup" to toggle back and forth between turning the annotations on and off.