Monday, February 15, 2016

Google Classroom: Put a Hashtag on it!

Are you using Google Classroom? Are you finding difficulty managing your email from assignments and posts from Classroom? Then check out below this simple, yet highly effective strategy!

Disclaimer: I cannot even pretend to take credit for this one. The original post is from Alice Keeler: Teacher Tech, but I heard about it from our own Malena Schrauben through this incredible Professional Development tool called Twitter.

The idea here is to use a hashtag in the title of each of your assignments. Then in gmail, filter messages out of your inbox based on that hashtag. Genius!


Math Class: #alg1 #extsn Exponents Power Rule
Social Studies: #SS7th #discuss Civil War Causes
Science: #sci8th #insectcollect Pinning a Butterfly

Notice that I tried to create examples that could group email by class, grade level, assignment type, or project.  Hopefully, these examples will get you thinking. I am certain you will develop better uses on your own.

Also, Alice suggests developing a list of hashtags for students to use for things like #late, #help, etc. I might add #regrade #final #group3 #bellwork...

To learn how to filter gmail messages from this lesson from How-To Geek or from Alice's original article.



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