Friday, April 28, 2017

Tech Tip: Converting Google Docs to PDF

When sharing documents with others, it is often beneficial to convert them to a PDF for several reasons.
  1. The format will be locked, like a “picture” of your document
  2. The document will be able to be opened and read on most devices, including PC’s, Macs, Phones, and Tablets.
  3. The document will print as viewed on the screen, with no worrying about inconsistent margins disrupting the formatting.
It is easy to convert Google Documents to PDFs. Follow the simple steps below and you will be all set.

After creating your document,
Step 1: Go to the File Menu
Step 2: Select "Download as..."
Step 3: Select "PDF Document (.pdf)"

Step 4: File will automatically download to your computer.  You can now open the file, rename the file, or move the file to another location.

For information on how to convert Microsoft Word Files to PDF, check out this tech tip.

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