Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Skyward - Secondary: Clone from Existing Gradebook

Clone From Existing Gradebook: 

Allows you to copy one or more assignment from a current year or historical Gradebook of your own or copy an assignment from another teacher’s Gradebook. When selecting this option, you must be in the Gradebook where you want the assignment created.
Click Clone from Existing Gradebook

Step 1 

Select the Gradebook with the assignment you want to clone. You can select from a prior year Gradebook (ex: 2015), current year Gradebook (ex: 2016) or another teacher’s Gradebook (You would need to click the Select Different Teacher button).  After selecting the Gradebook, click the Next button.
Select the class you want to clone from

Step 2

Select the assignment(s) you want to clone; all assignments are defaulted to selected. You can click the "Uncheck All" button to select individual assignments. You are able to clone an assignment only when you have the identical category assigned to your class. After selecting the assignment, click the Next button.
Select the assignments you wish to clone.

Step 3

Select the class(es)to which you want the assignment cloned. After selecting the class(es), click the Next button.
Select which class you wish to clone the assignment to.

Step 4

You see the assignment(s) you selected in the previous step. This screen allows you to change the due date of the assignment(s). After verify the due dates of the assignment(s), click the Finish button. The assignment has now been cloned into the Gradebook.
Change the due date for the assignment and select finish

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