Monday, May 18, 2015

Year End, Purging Student U Drives

As we approach the end of another school year, it is important for all students to know that ALL files and folders in their network storage drive, otherwise know as the U Drive, will be purged or deleted during summer maintenance.

What does this specifically mean for students? If you need to keep any of your files from this school year, you will need to move them into your Google Drive or another service of your choosing.

Any students leaving the district (Congratulations, Seniors!) will have to move their files into another storage location outside of the Portage Public Schools Network and their Google Account. There are several methods for making this move; however, we recommend either of the following methods below.

Moving U Drive Files to your PPS Google Drive Account

If you will be at PPS next year, this is the one for you!

  1. Login to a student computer with your Portage username and password
  2. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer to go to your U Drive
  3. Create a new folder, name it “BackUp”
  4. Move all folders and files you wish to save into your new “BackUp” folder

  1. Open the Chrome browser and go to Google Drive,
  2. Create a new folder, name it something similar to “U Drive Backup 2015” (adjust to current year)
  1. Open your newly created folder

  1. For uploading Folders, Click the “New” button, “Folder Upload”

  1. Select the BackUp folder you created in your U Drive, Click “OK”
  1. Wait for your files to finish uploading (plan for at least 30 minutes for the upload to complete)
  2. Once complete, you may shut down or log off of your student machine

Taking your Google Files with you, when you leave Portage Public Schools

There are two recommended methods to use when taking your Google Drive files with you as you depart from Portage Public Schools. (Note: Do not forget your U Drive. Any files you wish to keep from there should be transferred to a mass storage device such as a USB stick or uploaded to a cloud storage service such as a personal Google account or Dropbox.)

Personal Gmail Account
If you happen to be old enough to have and have created a personal gmail account, you may share those files you wish to keep with that account and make copies of those files from within the personal account. By making a copy of those files in Google Drive, your personal account will then become the owner of those copies. The instructions below will tell you how to share and make copies of your files.
  • How to Share (with another account)
  • How to copy a file
    • Locate the file in Google Drive
    • Select the file
    • Right-click and “Make a copy” →
    • You now own the copy

Google Takeout
Google offers a service for Google Apps for Education users called, Google Takeout. Takeout allows you to export all or any portion of your Google Apps Services (files, emails, videos, etc.) to a compressed file. This compressed file, typically a .Zip file, can then be uploaded to another online cloud storage service or saved onto a USB flash storage device (flash drive, usb stick, etc.). See the video linked below that details the process on how to export your Google Apps information. (Note: Depending on how much information you are exporting the zip file could be quite large and could be split into multiple zip files.)

(NOTE: The following link takes you to Takeout,

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