Friday, May 15, 2015

Chromebook Tech Tip: Help! My Chromebook has a Keyboard on the Screen!


The Problem:

You or your students have a keyboard showing up on your screen, even though you are not using a touchscreen and have no desire to use your mouse to type.

What’s Happening?

Chrome OS has numerous accessibility features built into the operating system.  One of those features is an on-screen keyboard.

You will see a hand next to the time in the lower right corner if accessibility features - like ChromeVox, on-screen keyboard, high contrast mode, or screen magnifier - are turned on.  If the on-screen keyboard is also enabled, they you will see an icon of a keyboard there as well.

How do I fix it?

To turn off the on-screen keyboard, click on the area in the bottom right corner where the clock is located.
 Select Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Show advanced settings…”.
Scroll down until you see the “Accessibility” section.
Uncheck “Enable On-screen keyboard”
Close the Settings window.

You can also turn it off by clicking on the hand, clicking on “Accessibility”, and clicking on “On-screen keyboard” to uncheck it.

If you still want the on-screen keyboard turned on, but just want to hide it, then you can click on the button in the bottom right corner of the on-screen keyboard.

Still not exactly sure what to do? Prefer to see it done on video?

No problem, simply follow the few short clicks in this video:

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