Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Secondary Skyward Gradebook, How to view your second semester rosters

As you prepare your classroom for the second semester, it may be necessary to see your second semester class rosters. We can accomplish this through the use of a report. Continue reading and I will show you how.

(Update: This process is only necessary if you need future rosters. For current rosters you may use the existing templates.)

From within the gradebook of your choosing...

1. Hover over Reports
2. Click on Class Roster (bottom)

3. On the report screen that appears, click "Add a new Template"

4. Provide a Template name (i.e. Second Semester Roster Report)
5. Choose "S2" from the dropdown for "Display Students Enrolled..."
6. Choose your report options (Note: I only selected "Last, First MI")
7. Save

8. Choose "Print" for a PDF version of your roster
9. Choose "Export to Excel" to generate/download a spreadsheet version (xls)

This new report will be available for any class.

Should you wish to print multiple classes at the same time, you may click on "Select Different Classes" and place a check before each course you wish to print.

(Note: Multiple Class Reporting is not available as a single Excel file download.)

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