Friday, November 8, 2013

Videos: Looking for some quality videos to spice up your curriculum? PBS Learning Media is a great place to start!

Happy Friday All!

Today's tech tip brings you a fantastic resource for spicing up your curriculum and engaging students in your content.  PBS Learning Media has some wonderful videos that are short and on topic.  There extensive library of PBS videos can be narrowed down by grade level, subject, standard, or collection.  The best part about it?  You get quality PBS programming in bite sized chunks for FREE!

Are you a middle school math teacher looking for an engaging way to connect with your students on the concept of integers?  Check out this video:

Elementary school teacher looking for a way for your students to practice inferring and predicting?  Check out the Detectives Notebook Game.

There are thousands of resources just waiting for you to explore.  These great games and videos are sure to help make a lesson go from bland to brilliant!