Thursday, November 12, 2015

Google Classroom Rosters in Google Sheets, Easy!

Are you a user of Google Classroom? Do you work with your students' data in Google Sheets? Have you ever thought "I wish there was a way to grab my roster from Classroom and put it into a Spreadsheet. Ugh."

Well, now there is a way! Meet... rosterSync!

From the site...

rosterSync - Teacher Edition allows teachers to sync a Google Classroom course roster -- including student email addresses -- directly with Google Sheets for handy use with Add-ons like Doctopus, formMule, autoCrat, formRanger, and others.

Installing this Tool...

  • I installed the Sheets Add-on, which can be found here
  • I clicked the blue "FREE" button
  • An "Untitled Spreadsheet" opened up and the Add-on was installed
  • Easy! 

Using rosterSync...

  • After titling my Sheet (as any good Google Drive user does), I clicked "Add-ons" in the menu bar
  • I choose "rosterSync - Teacher Edition"
  • A few seconds later, I had this convenient sidebar at the right of my Sheet.
  • I selected the sheet a wanted to port my roster to,
  • Picked the Google Classroom course I wanted to pull my roster from,
  • Chose my "Sync direction" (from Classroom to Sheet, recommended),
  • And clicked the button "Run Sync", Done!
  • Seconds later I had my Classroom roster in Sheets.
  • Pure Sweetness!

As we use Google Forms more and more and; therefore, make more use of Google Sheets, I can see this as a valuable tool at the beginning of a course/class for any teacher. Using Google Classroom with rosterSync just make it that much more awesome!

Geek signing out!

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