Monday, December 8, 2014

Technology in Education is Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

This morning our good friend, Ben Rimes (@techsavvyed) over at Mattawan Schools, shared a great, thought provoking post  that really cut to the heart of what Paul and I have been preaching about in regards to technology in education for some time.  When we go in to help teachers with technology, usually the first thing we ask them is "What is your goal?"  We do this because education is about learning, not technology.  Technology is an ever evolving tool for learning, but it is only a tool. If teachers are trying to use technology in a way that is not going to be seamless and enhance instruction, then it is not the right tool for the job. Exceptional teachers are what really engage students and inspire learning.  They may use the technology to challenge prior knowledge, enhance instruction, encourage collaboration, and expand the walls of the classroom, but the act of learning must happen inside the learner, not on the tool in front of them.  Check out this great video by Derek Muller, he effectively illustrates the idea that technology is not going to "revolutionize" learning, but it will help it evolve.  It is seven minutes of well spent time!

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