Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Audio Comments in Google Docs

Providing rich, timely feedback for our students is one of the most important things that we do as educators.

When writing or typing a comment, we may find it difficult to convey the exact intent of our message. If only we had a convenient way to express our thoughts audibly.

Well, now we do! Kaizena.com is a free service that easily connects to our Google accounts and creates audio comments, text comments, and resource comments on students' work. Simply move your documents, either one at a time or as a folder, to Kaizena and you can enter multiple comments to a single selection of text, whether it be a letter, word, phrase, or paragraph.

While leaving audio comments may bring clarity to your suggestions, leaving a resource comment allows you to link an online resource for the student to visit and review. A resource might be a news article, a video, a reference site, or notes from a lecture.

If you tried Kaizena when it was first released, you may want to give it another try as this service now works flawlessly. Bring greater meaning to what you are attempting to convey!

For an overview of how Kaizena works, please visit this video.

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