Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Google Docs in the Classroom - Elementary

How are you using Google Docs in your classroom?  What is working well?  What are some shortcomings or things to look out for?


  1. I am currently using Google Docs with my third graders. For our big animal report, my students created a document and a presentation for their report. Google Docs was very helpful in the fact that they could work on it at home. In addition, because each student shared their work with me, I was able to check the progress of each student and make comments on their work. We just started a new Women's History presentation on Friday. It has been great! ~Kitty Broderick

    1. Great Kitty. I love how you are using the different programs inside google docs to help open up the projects for kids to work on at home. I am going to share the link to some wonderful parent permission slips/contracts for using google that Peter Butts, media specialist at WOD and AMB, created. Feel free to use with your class.

  2. Here are the links to the Google Docs/Apps Contract and Parent letter:
    Parent Letter: